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What you ought to know about your leaders in campus

Unity – This is What Has Brought Me This Far. An Exclusive with Amos...

If you are social media (Facebook) enthusiast, then perhaps you have come across the Comrades Forum Group by the name: KENYATTA UNIVERSITY WE ARE ONE(COMRADESHIP). Well, if you have,...
Washington Shamela: My Life's Journey So Far.

Washington Shamela: My Life’s Journey So Far.

By a good friend and profuse writer, Mik :) “Have you ever interacted with a refreshing mind? The kind that makes your go into some...
Ryan Tei For KUSA President

KUSA Presidency 2016: Makiti RYAN TEI

Many comrades have come to appreciate what this gentleman has always done and in so doing the greater majority have pledged their support towards...

Miss CUEA in One Minute

By The Pseudo-doctor Vanity, that’s all I thought of when I see someone enduring 6 inch heels and layers, coats in fact, of make up just...

Wheeling into Bumpy University Student Politics: The Exceptional Story of Anne Mercy

"The future rewards those who press on.I don't have time to feel sorry for myself.I don't have time to complain.I am going to press...
An Exclusive With Ibrahim Marvin; The Golden Voice

An Exclusive With Ibrahim Marvin; The Golden Voice

1. Who is Ibrahim Marvin? Jarateng Marvin Ibrahim: Really? Guess you'll need a rim of fulls caps. Anyway, Marvin Ibrahim is a brand. A brand that...

Meet KUSA Most Powerful Man Lovemon Dennis

Today I got to meet KUSA 2016/207 Deputy Secretary General Lovemon Dennis at the KUSA Offices. Meeting him was really fun. I never thought...

An Exclusive with Stephen Mwadime

In his office at KUSA offices The general mindset behind those in power is mostly negative in majority of those they serve with many a...

The Life of Douclas Shamala

Douclas Shamala adressing a crowd | K.U-comrades Forum              The name doesn’t speak much till you meet this comrade face...
From KUSA’s Deputy Secretary General to K.U Students.

From KUSA’s Deputy Secretary General to K.U Students.

Good news. Put across a reasonable argument. Fight for not only those who believe in you but also those who don't. Be consistent. This is...



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