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Campus Love: Signs To Show You Your Crush Has a New Lover 2017

If you have been majorly crushing on a hot #guy but think you see signs he is in love with someone else, it’s time...

Campus Love: 6 Steps How To Prepare For A Blind Date

Campus Love: How To Prepare For A Blind Date   Blind dates are exciting but can also be nerve-racking. The typical blind date is a date...

50 Challenges With The Kenyan Girl of The 21st Century.

1. They try too hard to watch their weight. As a result, some look like Eric Omondi’s twin. 2. They’re constantly glued to their smart...

Campus Love: 10 Type Of Girlfriends And Bitches In Campus

This write-up focuses on the certain categories of girlfriends that will always spell trouble and almost never be the right prospects for a sane man 10 Categories Of...

December Vacation: How To Shun Your Mpango Wa Kando

A Fourth Year An Open Letter To His Mpango Wa Kando Mpango wa kando or side dish as most of you call them have been...

Sodom in Kenyatta Uni Hostels

Some university halls of residence are notoriously known for promoting sexual immorality and spot check reveals that the trend is not ending soon. The...

Thou Behold

"Nywele za singa, Toto kaumbika ja zinga, Juu chini, mwili kapanga, Macho yangu tu, hulanga," From a cliff, I observed what God spent six days creating before resting...
what gas do you think your old sponsor inhales

Girl, what gas do you think your old sponsor inhales?

 Well, for some degree, they are- after all,they have had a fair share of the sponsors cash; reaping what their fathers' agemates pursued in...
Why Your Campus Relationship Is Doomed To Fail

Why Your Campus Relationship Is Doomed To Fail

After much concerted efforts to unveil the ramifications of campus dating, well, I must say that only people with short brain neurons as James...

These KU Ladies Should Give Me A Break

A wise man will grace your eardrums with the adage ''absence makes the heart grow fonder'', which of course I agree. In the same...



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