Need a Hook-Up Around KU? These Hot Spots Got You Covered

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Have you ever been bored in campus and felt like getting some friend(s) to keep you company? Well at Kenyatta University, getting a hook up might be easier than you might have thought.

You just need to be aware of the most suitable places and events from where you can hook up with new friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or a crew.

Despite the fact that the core business of being in campus is to get educated, life doesn’t have to be that boring either. You need to live life to the fullest, as the adage goes, You Only Live Once. {YOLO}.

Sometimes you need to get out of your normal routine, link up with some friends, hang out and have fun while you can.

Don’t let useful campus events like Cultural Weeks, festivals, theater acts and Mugithi Nights pass you. Finally, document your life, take pictures and keep memories for future reference.

While enjoying our stay at Kenyatta University, check out these places and events from where you can easily hook up with friends who can become useful to you, help you push through campus life and probably even after campus life.

Campus Events

1. The Cultural Week Festivals

Nearly every other university holds cultural festivals at least once in every academic year. For instance, KU holds its cultural festivals in the first semester of every academic year.

The cultural weeks are very important events in tertiary institutions of learning as they help identify, develop student’s talents and shape them morally.

Cultural festivals also help students to uphold their culture hence prevent their cultural value from getting eroded.

The events are filled with a lot of festivities and entertainment. Students are given a chance to showcase their talents in the many segments that are provided.

Since students of all kind are in attendance of the events, you can easily hook up with a friend or a partner of your choice from these festivals.

In KU, the events are normally held at the Bishop’s Square which is located along the road leading to Nyayo Hostels just past Business and Students Services Center (BSSC).

If you happen to be around campus at the time of these events, purpose to attend these festivities and you won’t regret.

2. Theater Shows and Organized Events

While in session for any particular semester, there are obviously many events organized by the student’s council i.e. KUSA and other external sponsors.

These events are meant to entertain the comrades, break the normal class monotony and make life more civilized.

There is a famous Theater group known as Kenyatta University Travelling Theater (KUTT). The group normally hosts performances within the institution and is sometimes invited to perform outside the university.

Worth noting is that popular Kenyan Comedian YY was an active member of the group and a KU alumnus.

If you are the one for such events, then purpose to attend several and you will surely find a lot of fun and make friends at the same time.

For instance, in 2019, Kenya’s renown comedian MCA Tricky who is also an alumnus of KU visited the place along accompanied by the then trending colleague Stivo Simple Boy.

The two delivered an electrifying performance at the Amphitheater and left the attendees with aching ribs.

Places to Visit

3. The Shopping Center

The shopping Center is an idling den for many students who would be chilling as they wait for classes or relaxing after hours in classes. It is located next the Cinema Hall along church road.

Here, you will come across a bunch of beautiful campus ladies enjoying the comfort of the furnished facility while sipping juice cocktails and taking funny videos on Snapchat.

You will also find some lads skating along the pathways and others seated at strategic positions eyeing on the prey to take home before sunset.

4. Students Annex Center

The students Annex Center is a recreation facility located in KU Main campus. While Most of the Drugs are prohibited in KU, Alcohol is one of those that escaped the ax.

Alcohol is simply a favorite drink that comrades like using to irrigate their dry throats during the weekends and any other time they feel like.

The Weekend normally begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening as comrades subside to prepare for classes next day.

There are lots of activities going on aboard the mighty annex including dancing challenges.

Therefore, you can easily hook up with a friend of your choice at the place. Make an effort to visit the Annex during one of the weekends.

5. The Arboretum

The Arboretum is a recreational park located on the upper left wing where KU boarders Kahawa Barracks. The facility is full of fun activities during the weekends and any other day deemed fit for a comrade to relax.

It is a place where comrades go for photo-shoot and other mind relaxing activities. The camera guys are always hovering around to take care of those willing to take photographs. You won’t miss some students moving around in two and comprehend that they are couples.

And finally, you won’t miss a single lady or gentleman chilling somewhere under a tree, whom you can approach or vise versa. Similarly, you wont miss team building groups which you can join and be part of them to break the monotony.

6. The Campanile Areas

The area in front of the campanile and the Post-Modern Library is a chilling spot for comrades. It is equipped with an Eduroam Wi-Fi connection that makes it a kind of a freelancing spot for students. There are numerous seats located at strategic positions within the area.

It’s cool environment attributed to the numerous trees and flowers around makes it a suitable relaxing point.

It goes without saying that most of the comrades you find basking here are those coming from far places normally waiting to attend classes and others chilling just after classes.

As such, one would not mind grabbing a crazy mate and walking around the campus or its environs while having a little conversation.

Next time you visit KU main campus, check out for these places and events, have some fun and make friends. You may even be surprised to find the love of your life from these places. Tested and proven.


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