10 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

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Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend in campus is not something uncommon. Nearly every other campus student is either seeing someone, stopped seeing someone or eyeing at someone. In short all are involved either directly or indirectly. However, when it comes to relationship matters, many men tend to make mistakes when dealing with their girlfriends.

There are things that you should never tell your girlfriend, otherwise you may end up ruining your happy relationship within a blink of an eye. Here is a list of things you should never say to your girlfriend or crush no matter how much you think she loves you or how strong your relationship is.

1. Asking her to sleep with you head on

The worst mistake a man can do when trying to seduce a woman is to ask her to sleep with him head on. This pisses off a lady and makes her think that you are just after sex and then leave her. No matter the kind of dry spell you are passing through, never ask for sex directly from a girl. It is not something you have to ask for, it should rather come naturally and the woman should feel it from within that she really needs to get laid with you. This will come automatically as you continue dating her and doing a lot of things together. Don’t rush to ask for that Coochie, as long as you are playing your cards right, the time will come.

2. Asking about her sexual past

Asking a girl about her sexual past is one of the things that can easily piss off a woman in a love affair. Of course, you are entitled to know a little past about your woman, but that does not mean that you scrutinize her about her past relationships, pursuing deep details about her. This will do you no good, it will only make you look weird and too nagging, which can prompt the girl to leave you.

3. Saying negative things about her body 

When it comes to body and physical appearance, no one beats all the odds. Saying something negative about your girlfriend’s body and physical appearance can make her feel embarrassed, unwanted and of low class. This may lead her to serious mental issues like depression and you may never know. If you ever notice an imperfection on your partner’s body, it is only good to keep quiet and assume. Ater all there is nothing much you can do to change them, it’s just their nature.

4. Using pick up lines on her. E.g. “I love you like.. ” “You are the only…” 

Can you imagine how it feels telling something to your girlfriend and she later finds out that you copied it from somewhere? It looks weird, doesn’t it? I t is particularly risky to tell a girl “I love you” directly especially a new catch that you are chasing. In fact, one of the things that can make a girl fall in love with you is your creativity and uniqueness. Women love odd guys who have outstanding character and features. Learn to be creative and always tell her words that sound attractive and pleasant but not copied from somewhere or pick up lines.That way, she will find you an interesting guy to be with.

5. Complimenting other girls in her presence

When walking around with your girlfriend, it is most likely that you will meet other girls, probably friends, classmates etc. It is not wise to compliment other girls in a sexually suggestive way in the presence of your woman, for instance “she is beautiful” “wow! She is hot!”. These statements will make her feel unwanted and that she has other people aspiring to be with you, which may bring insecurities in your relationship.

6. You are an… (embarrassing statement or insult)

You are probably out with your girl and some friends along or just chilling at a place and you suddenly yell at her “you are nagging’ or “you are boring”. Such statements will really hurt her and make her feel downplayed, but you may never realize until an argument arises between you. Always learn to talk to your woman in humble and soft words no matter what mistake she does. Remember she is a woman, and women really have soft hearts that can be easily offended.

7. Making suggestions and promises you are not likely to fulfill

One thing about a woman’s mind is that she has the ability to remember everything you do or say to her no matter how long it takes. Before promising something to your girlfriend, make sure you have the ability to deliver it. Similarly, before making any suggestions about your future engagements together, make sure you are ready to follow them. If you keep on failing in your promises and suggestions, she might see you as someone who is very undecided and disorderly which is not that cool, is it?

8. Commenting negatively about her make up

We all know that women love to be told that they are beautiful and gorgeous. You don’t need to bump onto your girl and tell her “that’s too much make up” or you don’t look good in that make up”. If you are not pleased with her make up, it is good to remain silent and not comment at all. If she doesn’t wear any make up, don’t start telling her she looks good without make up. She might have planned to wear a good make up next day and you end up discouraging her.

9. Disrespecting her family and friends

Most girls maintain a very close relationship with their families and people they love. Being in a relationship with a girl means you should show respect to her, her family members and loved ones. Any statement that shows disrespect for her family and people she loves should always go unsaid.

10. Criticizing her outfit or Hairstyle

No matter how much she is into you or vice versa, her dressing code and hairstyle remains bound to her. Women don’t like someone choosing for them what to wear and how to look. It doesn’t matter the kind of dress or hairstyle she emerges with, just appreciate and don’t just criticize. Remember she spent about two hours to invent that outfit that you are discouraging.


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