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The Diary of a Pseudo-doctor

I am a pseudo-doctor, a fake doctor, a non-authentic doctor, that’s probably because I am reading to be one, not yet one, but well on my way there…till then I am simply a comrade, a pseudo-doctor. So for the sake of it, let’s call this the diary of a pseudo-doctor.

Evolution of the PseudoDr.

I wasn’t always born knowing what I want to do, heck even now I doubt once in a while whether I am really headed...

Destined to be Fools

I am tempted to write a poetic piece and limit myself to words that rhyme or use well thought analogies or perhaps well coated...

Of Money and Happiness

BOOOOOM!!!!! And we’re back, this time I chose to reply to a post I read elsewhere. Flow with me dear ones. (P.S. the prerequisite for...

Life as a Drug. | PseudoDr.

I see you found your way back here!!:) PseudoDr. Reporting for duty. Roger that. So let’s -for a moment- imagine that I am a deeply...

Email Sent!

Hello Undergraduate Degree, (because everyone says dear a bit too much) Allow me to call you Bachelor, maybe ‘cause it’s much cooler to do so...

Happy Fatherless Day | The Pseudo-doctor

Happy Fatherless Day. In the early 1960s, a psychologist named Marvin Eisenstadt started a project interviewing “creatives”- innovators and artists and entrepreneurs- looking for patterns...

Congratulations! Its a diary. | The Diary of a Pseudo-doctor

Congratulations!!! I only see black :-0 Well hello there, I see you made it to this part of the world wide web. On the odd...

Miss CUEA in One Minute

By The Pseudo-doctor Vanity, that’s all I thought of when I see someone enduring 6 inch heels and layers, coats in fact, of make up just...



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