Often I Have Wondered of The Tales of Men and Women.

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What shall they say of their decisions,

Of their origins, of their story

What excuse shall they give, what horn shall they blow.

What shall they say when cornered, when forced to look  deep within,

When no-one is watching, when a crowd is listening

What shall they say?


Will the truth come out? Shall they lie?

Straight through their teeth what will come of?

Do they wonder if what they say is what we hear?

Does the thought cross their mind whether their body agrees with what comes out their mouths?

Do they feel guilty, for telling truths that hurt?

Does it cause even a morsel of guilt when the lies told comfort?


Often I wonder of these things men and women say,

Do they weigh with that scale within their mind the words that spill out?

Do they even spill out or are forced out or perhaps calculatedly they leave their milieu?

What I am most curious about-

Does it physically hurt when your body fails to do that which your mouth spoke?

Does that intrinsic betrayal hurt? Or have you some medicine for that.


Signed: PseudoDr.


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