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Kenyatta University Kizomba Addict 1 Chepsee

Genius y Ednah. Just amazing.
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: This is What KU's Mariga Was Doing To Ladies at Mseto Campus Tour!! [PHOTO/VIDEO]

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: This is What KU’s Mariga Was Doing To Ladies at Mseto...

Last weekend saw the Mseto Campus Tour Kenyatta University Edition hosted by Willy M. Tuva graced with quite the number of local artists among them Willy Paul, Frasha and Sosuun - who performed for...
#MannequinChallenge AIESEC Kenyatta Universityvideo

#MannequinChallenge AIESEC Kenyatta University

#MannequinChallenge AIESEC Kenyatta University
Kenyatta University Ladies Mseto Campus Tour Photos Kenyatta University

This is How Mseto Campus Tour Kenyatta University Went Down [PHOTOS]

Saturday began like any other, oblivious of what a day it would turn out to be! Mseto Campus Tour Kenyatta University took of on Saturday afternoon at about 2pm with Kenyatta University students and Mseto fans...

Introducing Jublack, After Listening To His Songs Vicmass Luo Dollar Atalia Mayoooo.

Barret JuBlak alias Junizzy is set to launch his much awaited solo music collection themed #BlakBoy-Over-lapping Shadows this coming month. The versatile actor come rapper has been recording and performing his music since 2013 and has...



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