You Don’t Know What Torture Is If You Have never Looked For an M-Pesa...

Hey y'all finally Njaanuary is over or as other may call it, 61th December. Lol is there anything like that? Anyways lemme recap a...
TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

Happy New Year, glory be unto Thee, For His Goodness Endureth Forever. Amen. *** Before I Pour ink on paper, let me resume my duty. *** Feedback Silent Noise,...
Love Goes Blue

Love Goes Blue

‘Joy, can’t you resonate with yourself and realize you are growing old my dear? Your age-mates are getting married and you are here, relaxed...
Kenyatta University Shopping Centre

Tales From KU: The Shopping Centre

Quite a chilly morning but my hand can't hesitate to reach out for the pen to do it right. Before our Tale, my duty. * Feedback I...

Service To All of Humanity,Not to ‘Others’

Yesterday a photograph of a safaricom employee identified only as Pauline broke the internet. In the photograph, Pauline was kneeling down serving a crippled...
Tales From KU Ballot Number

Tales From KU: Ballot Number

Before I allow my pen think, I have to give Thanks to Almighty; For His goodness endures forever. My duty. * Feedback * Why have you hesitated from...
Kenyatta University SDA

Tales From Kenyatta University: An SDA Gentleman.

A holy moment that the Lord has put forth, praise be to Him. But before my pen does it on paper. My task; Feedback I want...
Kenyatta University Shuttle Bus

Tales From Kenyatta University: The Shuttle Bus

A light bright enough has shone. One ray has made it through my blanket. Let me take my pen to do my thing on...
Makanga Wa Mathree

Tales From Kenyatta University: The “Makanga”

A bright morning, return to thee gratitude. Before my pen spits a Tale, I have a duty... Feedback Why not pen a Tale everyday? Response This is my...
Tales From Kenyatta University: A Student Leader

Tales From Kenyatta University: A Student Leader

Quite a chilly morning but come what may, my hand can't resist to hold that pen and scribble a Tale. Mine own duty first.     * After...



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