TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

Happy New Year, glory be unto Thee, For His Goodness Endureth Forever. Amen.
Before I Pour ink on paper, let me resume my duty.

Silent Noise, you’re silent, why?

I was enjoying my festive season, am back.
A very appealing to the eye view from the front but a pathetic view from the rear; *Blessed Hotel*.
Located at KM roughly 100 yards from KU’s rear ‘small’ gate, Blessed Hotel is a very nice case study to put on scale all Hotels in KM. Pocket friendly prices.
As a middle – class Comrade, at the start of the semester, your pocket will be pretty full. A state that will trigger you to feed on ‘flesh’. But in time, your pocket will depreciate a situation that will see you prone to make changes to the style of feeding to allow what ‘flesh’ produces – milk and eggs. With time, yet again, your style of feeding will take a significant drop, which will see you feed on what ‘flesh’ feed on – ‘ugali’, ‘sukuma’, ‘githeri’…
As that trend develops, another aspect in your life will also be depreciating immensely. Place of feeding. You’ll be humbled from enjoying your meals from BSSC restaurant, to basking at Shopping Centre and finally, our own *Blessed Hotel*.
Having just 50 bob ‘mbele – nyuma’, you’ll inquire from a friend,
‘Bro, ni hoteli gani pale KM naeza kula cheap na nishibe? Nimesota ka ghasia…’
He’ll laugh at you since, he least expected such from you,
‘Brathe, haha, yaani umejoin ligi msoto… Hotel ni ile ile, Blessed Hotel…’
You’ll be excited to hear this and smile,
‘Iko wapi bro?’
He’ll laugh even more,
‘Hahaha, Msee hujui Blessed… Supper tutakupeleka,’
You’ll agree and it’s a deal,
‘Sawa Bro… ‘
At around Seven, you guys meet at a preferred point and walk together to Blessed. From the name, at heart you’ll relate it to its biblical meaning and smile thinking that,
‘ Cleanliness is next to godliness… ‘
Your cheeky friends will make you go in through the front door to avoid the thrush and filth at the rear entrance.
You walk right and order you favourite meal,
‘Chapo – Beans’
And you’re served, quite an amount to feed your zest. You join your friends who happily invite you to the ‘den’ to dine with the ‘dem – boys’, haha…
After that hearty feed, you drink some gallons of water and walk to Mfumbiro where you domicile. You rest in your bed, open data and enjoy WhatsApp.
After, 30 minutes, you feel pain in your lower abdomen, but you assume. Again, you feel the very pain but this time harder. You still assume and enjoy chatting with ‘Njeri’ the first – year lady you gave directions earlier in the day. Soon, you decide not to withstand anymore and release some ‘gas’, but it arrives with some dump, which makes wet your pants.
Now the situation is out of hand, you reach for the Tissue Paper, haste for the washrooms, where you remain till 20 minutes later, making work harder for the support stuff in charge of cleaning.
Your muscles grow weak, in time…
“Aki sitawahi kula huko tena, nkt ati Blessed, hii ni Cursed… ”
You’re heard whining bitterly, but in vain…
Never compromise your health for cheap meals.
A Silent Noise

We pen as we receive it…



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