HELB loan disbursement for second subsequent and first time applicants, 2017 Update

Below info is derived from HELB updates. It concerns HELB loan disbursement for second subsequent applicants and first time applicants

Charles Ringear HELB CEO HELB loan disbursement for second subsequent and first time applicants, 2017 Update

HELB indicates that All students who received a message that their loans have been disbursed should be patient as their loans will reflect in their accounts within the month.
All students who submitted their details successfully for second subsequent and first time applicant have not received disbursement message via sms or through their helb account should confirm with their dean of students whether reporting dates were sent to HELB. If the details were submitted, they should await for the second lot of HELB disbursement that will be done in a while.
NOTE: HELB will not disburse loans to students if their dean of students has not submitted their opening dates details.

For instance, Kisii University second semester opening dates have not been submitted by the dean to helb. Students should be advised to liaise with the their dean to avoid delays and necessary complaints to HELB.


The following HELB loan applications are currently opened
The following HELB  Loan Applications are currently closed:


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  1. Thank you for awarding me the loan how do I know whether I have been awarded the bursary I think I also qualified for the bursary

  2. Comment:you people suck I got a notification message I’ve been rewarded 45000 but no money has reflected in my account what is wrong when I write a message you don’t reply

  3. I got message that i was awarded 45000 imagine since today i haven’t gotten the money yet yet my friends have their sexond semester loan. I am a first time applicant 2016/2017.My id no 34405007.KOLUTE ANASTACIA ATIENO

  4. Comment:I received a message that I have been awarded 45000,on 8/Nov/2016,12:52 pm,up to date,I have no received the disbursement message and has not been reflected in my account, please helb help me.thanks

  5. Comment: I have not receive an SMS to confirm whether you will give the loan why and exs are around the corner ID no33498172 kindly help me it isy 1st application kindly have received a message have been awarded but not received yet

  6. hae am esther from cooperative university my question is why is it that my disbursement was not fully made if i check on my schoolfees account my fees has not yet been made yet in my personal account it was made. Please kindly check on that


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