Tales From KU: The Shopping Centre

Kenyatta University Shopping Centre
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Quite a chilly morning but my hand can’t hesitate to reach out for the pen to do it right. Before our Tale, my duty.


I see hatred in your pieces.


Hate is not part of me. Instead, I ridicule funny characters.


“Jishikie Tecno C8 kwa bei nafuu…”
“Kuja upimwe Leo, jua status yako…”

From a far, you may think there is a certain event going on and you may be tempted to ask,

“Kimani, kwani ni event gani hiyo?”

And with a laughter Kimani will respond,

” Niki nawe hapo ni Shopping centre, haha…”


Students’ Annex – Shopping Centre, is located to the Eastern wing, opposite Theatre Arts department just behind Cinema Hall.

Basically , this is a cemented ground with benches and sheds mounted on it. Its then coupled up with three shops that give it the name; Shopping Centre.

On a normal day, what makes you visit this place is the ‘Chapo-Smokie + Mango juice’ delicacy offered there. Other than that, if you happen to be a ‘fisi’ this place is an ample site to practice your duty.


You’ve just left class and seen it wise to be there. You take your walk to the first shop but find it full to brim. You shift to the next one, only to realise it is a salon and the only foodstuff they manage to sell is, ripe bananas. You again move to the next one, but the old shop attendant makes it necessary for you to move yet to the next one. At the final shop, what you’re requesting for has been depleted and so you decide to be back to shop 1.

After a long wait of akina, “wanjiku, muthoni, mwende…” to finish purchasing smokie, its your turn to request for your best ‘delicacy’. Being end – month, you submit a thousand bob and forget change soon you’ve been given the commodity.

You walk like a champion to the benches and start your daily duty, ‘Kufisia’. At the far end, you realise, ‘Atieno’ in a crop-top yet she has a ‘potty’, you laugh off the comedy as, ‘Shiro’ lies to her,

“Aki we ni mrembo…”

Soon you see, the famous, Adviceroy, with the other funny MC also in a strategic point to ‘Fisia’ akina, ‘Moraa’. They soon laugh quietly when that guy who has been bragging to be the best scatter falls down with a thud. Hahaha…

Before you realise the taste of your meal, you notice this, that you left your balance at the shop. You haste back and plead with the two, just as you, funny women. They challenge you,

“Kwani uliachia nani change?”

A glance at your watch, you realise its time for class, ‘na ndio Wambui kamefika na sexy shorts,’ but you have to leave.

As you walk away, you topple and the remaining juice pours down. Nkt, unaenda tu.



We pen as we receive it…


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