KU Students Claims Abuse And Harassment By Brinks Security, Seeks Public Apology.

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Today I went into the security department and spoke to an officer about the harassment against my friend. What I met outside their office cannot be put into a sentence. “Not displaying of security bigotry.” With an educated rant about… “our paranoid rubbish.”

My effort to reach one of the security senior officer failed and I had to conduct the research on the duties of KU Security Officers through observation. I came to know there is group of working individuals who are typically based on the work they do. Some controls university gates against the admission of unauthorized persons and/or vehicles on shift when performing Security duties. Performs Guard duties, day and night, to ensure security of personnel and property on campus on shift when performing Watchman duties. Tends the university gates. Checks I.D. Cards, car entry permits and persons authorization for entry into university premises and assists visitors in finding their proper destinations. Includes operating the gate barrier when assigned Gateman duties. Acts as a receptionist, and/or information office during weekends and official holidays. Patrols university  grounds to ensure the security of personnel and property. Includes questioning suspicious persons, and checking their passes. Directs visitors to their proper locations when assigned Watchman duties. Checks during night shift all door entrances of buildings to ensure that they are properly locked, switches on all Campus lights and switches them off again at the end of night shift. Performs other related duties as required such as reporting safety hazards and other anomalies to supervisor etc. This is achieved by using first class methodologies to tackle world class problems and working according to standard instructions or readily understood procedures. Work is also subjected to check at regular intervals. Despite, slight physical effort exposed to prevailing involving walking and weather conditions whilst standing for approximately performing his duties for 90% of the working time.

Nonetheless, a bad trend has emerged and students are being harassed. This is illegal and anyone engaging in these barbaric acts should be persecuted. It is a worry that an uneducated university gate man will be using iphone 6. The school that an uneducated security will be harassing a literate students. It is a shame despite how technology have been welcomed in KU. This has brought changes in everything making Kenyatta University be among Africa Top Universities. Specifically it upholds long-standing societal balances around issues like security and privacy. The change can be more far-reaching expecially re-balancing security and privacy after technology changes. However, capabilities can be very difficult and maybe this is what has brought conflict. These allegations has come at time when comrades discourse and transparency are essential. In KU, a combination of legal and physical harassment makes it increasingly difficult for students to study freely. According to Former KUSA Oppostion Leader Morara Kebaso Morara, A report released yesterday, “he questioned; who authorized them to harass students. Who is responsible for the poor quality defaced IDs that they reject. Where do they get the guts to embarrass us and our visitors at the gate. He said they have torelated them long enough – harassing comrades jointly like cows.” Geoffrey Ontita Isaboke a Student Leader and swayful Literature student could not hide his sadness. “Is it true that they are also mandated to beat comrades like high school students? Is that not mockery? Are they not hurting our feelings? In terms of Hierarchy, who ranks higher than the other? Is it Brinks Security or the students?’ He said.

Methinks, if a peeping classmate looks through your window you have a good chance of being able to identify the person. But if a KU Brinks Security secretly scrutinize a student outside his/her hostel, it is going to take a lot of investigation to identify the doer. Do focus on the positive. Let no drunker get their hands on you. If somebody’s object or thing fells on your body there’s no legal question that you have every right to use all means to protect your life and safety. If somebody threatens you with an inanimate object is clearly self-defense. I will have a hard time seeing how judge could rule that Comrades Power took precedence. But will see.


  1. As comrades complain bitterly and adversely about the Brinks Security and their presence in KU. Some even going to the extent of demanding for immediate termination of their contract. Comrades have we considered these factors;
    1. The Brink are official employees of KU who are on contract for a specified period and therefore are guided by the terms of the aforementioned contract.
    2. They are fellows who are making a living out of their job and the harshness of interfering with their contract spell joblessness for over 100 individuals.
    3. The security officers knows nothing about CCT and reminding them of the same only provoke more hostility.
    4. They equally deserve respect from comrades.


  2. I have come across rumors, both true and false. But I would like to pick on a rumor that has since been doing rounds on various social media platforms since last week that there is a planned peaceful picket today. As comrades of a world class university, we cannot allow mediocrity founded on ill agendum be part of us. That is why comrades have decided to embrace peace and let the able admin deal with these issues that have been forwarded to them. May peace prevail and have a happy and fantastic L


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