Finance Department Frustrations

Finance Department Frustrations
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Never experienced frustration? Want to experience what real frustration means?
Well, visit the KU finance section when fee deadlines are close. The frustration doubled up this semester because the fee was not automatically reflecting after payment.

On arrival, you meet a long line despite your efforts to “rauka”. Being in dire need of the services, you diligently join the queue. Frustrations begin when you realize how slow their services are. This is mainly because of the frequent casual ” breaks” the secretaries take to talk and argues about what’s trending, answer a call or text.

Finally, it’s your turn and guess what, its lunch time. The secretary quickly stands up and without warning shuts the window. Now you have two options, leave and come back after an hour of which you’ll have to queue all over again or wait till they get back. No matter the choice you make, your frustration will double up.

Few minutes after they start serving, the registrar shows up with with a microphone and makes an announcement that the windows will not be opened again and that people’s holds will automatically “leave”. Deep down you know there is a 50/50 chance of that happening. The weakwilled start shedding tears because the idea of calling off is not so appealing. The loud and rowdy comrades start hulling abuses and shouting incoherently. Soon everyone is pushing and shoving.

Since you don’t have the strength to push around you move aside and once order is restored, you have been displaced. The strong ones are served and even before the clock strikes 5 pm, windows are closed. End of the day.

You leave there dejected and your frustrations on full blast, with a silent prayer that your hold will” leave” and you can peacefully clear your semester.

As a comrade, my daily wish is that no one goes through what I experienced. The struggle is really in that department.



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