What’s This Fuss About Tribalism, I Keep Hearing About?

I am from central Kenya, the tribe that has produced the current president. People argue we hate our brothers from west Kenya or as...
TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

TALES FROM KU: Hotel – Blessed

Happy New Year, glory be unto Thee, For His Goodness Endureth Forever. Amen. *** Before I Pour ink on paper, let me resume my duty. *** Feedback Silent Noise,...
Kenyatta University Shuttle Bus

Tales From Kenyatta University: The Shuttle Bus

A light bright enough has shone. One ray has made it through my blanket. Let me take my pen to do my thing on...

Ambition and Validity

Ambition. So I stayed in a hostel once, school hostel. These hostels had cleaners. I was, still am, an extrovert. I would speak to the...

Evolution of the PseudoDr.

I wasn’t always born knowing what I want to do, heck even now I doubt once in a while whether I am really headed...

Miss CUEA in One Minute

By The Pseudo-doctor Vanity, that’s all I thought of when I see someone enduring 6 inch heels and layers, coats in fact, of make up just...
Tales From Ku An Experience With Bedbags

Tales From Kenyatta University: An Experience With Bed bags

fter you've been allocated an hostel and cordially been given the key, you assume responsibility and walk there. This is a very important aspect...
Tales From Kenyatta University The mess

Tales From Kenyatta University: The ‘MESS’

Eastern Kitchen, Western Kitchen... At around 11:50 am, I can see loads of people moving to the 'kitchens. Walking as fast as they could not...

Life as a Drug. | PseudoDr.

I see you found your way back here!!:) PseudoDr. Reporting for duty. Roger that. So let’s -for a moment- imagine that I am a deeply...

Letter To My Sibling | Qui Chronicles

This is to you my unborn brother or sister who I’m still not sure about your sex because mama wants to keep that as...



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