Tales From Kenyatta University: The Shuttle Bus

Kenyatta University Shuttle Bus
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A light bright enough has shone. One ray has made it through my blanket. Let me take my pen to do my thing on paper. But my duty;

Please bring back the Tales on The KU GATEMAN DIARY

In due time, they’ll be back

Moving round the school, you’ll notice some rather long buses with an extra large width moving to and fro. Always filled to brim, you’ll always just smile at the glimpse.

KU Shuttle buses are meant to ferry students from one place to the other given that their destination is far. But this never happens instead, the freshmen have made these buses their property.

“Aye wewe, mimi siendi na mguu hadi OML gaki, ni mbari sana.”
One of the confused lot will be heard whining.

“Omera, this is KU, there are some locomotives ferrying tired students round the school. Just relax and enjoy as we wait for them,” the other equally confused lot will give an I’ll counsel.

Outside the English and Linguistic department, these two individuals will be seen yawning as they count the birds fly, eagerly waiting for the ‘Locomotive’. 30 min later it’s yet to arrive but they still wait.

‘Pwana ni 5 min zimebaki class ianze, si tuende na mguu.’
“I told you to relax and enjoy, Omera, be civilised.”

Their talk will last long before the ‘locomotive’ finally arrive. Filled to brim as usual with the ‘akina, Mogaka, Ochieng and Chageti,’ all happy for the free ride.

The doors will open and swallow the two souls.

Past Bishop’s Square, there occurs a crush, the shuttle has to stop and wait. 20 min past the class time but the lot in the bus has no sense to reason and walk out.

An hour later, they’re waiting. The lecture finally elapses as the lot enjoy, ‘the locomotive ride.’

They end up being tired since they have to stand all that time.

Finally, they’ll have to incur another punishment, walking all the way from OML to Nyayo 6 where they stay. But they never realise that. Poor thought.

Michinga Hizi.

My counsel.
Kids you’re young, if it’s a walking distance, do it.

We pen as we receive it…


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