Tales From KU: Ballot Number

Tales From KU Ballot Number
Some of the KUSA Executive Leaders 2016/2017 on the night after the elections.
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Before I allow my pen think, I have to give Thanks to Almighty; For His goodness endures forever. My duty.

Why have you hesitated from writing tales? We miss them.

I had to hold, to give room for politicians.
As an innocent Comrade, you wake up one morning and try to catch up on your studies. Being little informed about politics, you make your way to the BSSC. Hoping to have a peaceful study there.

At the entrance, you realise you’re the only who is being requested to prove your validity using your student ID while the others are left to go in scot free.
“Wewe kijana, wapi ID yako?” the lady questions,
“Sa si huyo amepita hivo…” you try to resist but in vain,
“Yule ni wa KUSA,” She inform you but realise its because you’re dressed in jeans while the other one is in suit.

You walk in seeking to reside at the rear area where shades are locate to at least have a look on your notes, but the so called “KUSA” are flocked there waiting for nomination papers as early as per that time.

Finally you secure an empty seat just near the concrete wall. You breath a sigh of relief but in due time you realise its still in vain. Your mates who are busy making calls on how to collect signatures disturb you terribly.
“What for, really?”

You quit revising and see it wise to have some “Chapo-Smokie and juice” at the shopping centre. Little do you settle down than those you left at BSSC arrived with white sheet with reasonable slots to fill. Soon they beg you,
“Please tusignie, hizi ni KUSA nomination papers si votes”
“Sawa leta nisign.” you assure them.

By the time you clear your meal you would have signed at least thirty nomination papers. Each bearing false biography of you.

At some point towards 4 pm, you see the guys in suits making their way to BSSC at an optimum speed to be first to submit. A tradition that soon will be termed vague.

As you walk to your room to have a rest, candidates for the seat of Congress Nyayo zone will be shouting,
“Ballot one, ballot two…”

It’s in a week long duration that they realise; all was vanity as they failed to make it past nominations. They shelf their political ambitions in peace.

The remnants use alphabet for ballot number.

“Political gimmicks”

A Silent Noise.

We pen as we receive it…


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