Tales From Ku An Experience With Bedbags

Tales From Kenyatta University: An Experience With Bed bags

fter you've been allocated an hostel and cordially been given the key, you assume responsibility and walk there. This is a very important aspect...

Gabriel Dinda: Father of Small Writers

Synonymous with the phrase 'let's keep trying' is Gabriel Dinda of Writers Guild Kenya. he is known to many as the father of small...

Supergirl State of Mind

Today I was dressed as Supergirl, I imagined him by my side, Then I thought , Superman has Lois Lane, But who have I? I have no idea...


A couple of months ago,  I was a  happy budding writer going about her business. I even got a gig with the local campus...

Often I Have Wondered of The Tales of Men and Women.

What shall they say of their decisions, Of their origins, of their story What excuse shall they give, what horn shall they blow. What shall they say...
When Gambling Goes Wrong, Then What? Sportpesa Manenos.

When Gambling Goes Wrong, Then What? Sportpesa Manenos.

In a bid to get a double win, one Ken Kosgei found himself in the after life. This gambling enthusiast took a loan of...
K.U's Unicity Mall Now OPEN! [Photos]

The Perils of K.U Unicity.

Kenyatta university has until now been a campus associated with Thika road superhighway and residential Kahawa. Students here have been missing out on the...


Whispers of the ancient palm trees, Vibrating along the cool ocean breeze, Keeping to the rhythm of the rising and falling tides, The roaring of the waves, The...

The Inner Woman: Enough Said!

Ladies don't crucify me but I gotta say this... "Beauty ATTRACTS men but WISDOM keeps them. ELEGANCE catches men's attention but INTELLIGENCE convinces them. Nagging irritates men but 'constructive silence weakens them. The...

The Tales of A Drunken Woman

10:40PM – Did you wince, just a tiny bit when you read drunken woman? The traditionalist, yes you are a traditionalist if you did...



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