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A couple of months ago,  I was a  happy budding writer going about her business. I even got a gig with the local campus magazine to do the fashion spread, boy was I doing great! Then one day, something happened. I met a guy. Yes, yes, yes, we all do. I met this tall-dark-handsome you know every woman’s dream typpa guy.


For a moment there I was mesmerized. Enchanted by his aura of sophistication, I could see cupid aiming those mean arrows at me. Why doesn’t that damn blind baby never miss? Or maybe it’s Karma for the few hearts I’ve broken over the years. I don’t know. Anyway, boy meets girl, or in my case , girl meets boy. There’s explosive chemistry, nuclear I daresay. The type Eminem says “when a volcano meets a tornado. Remember those lyrics in “Love the way you lie” featuring Rihanna? That night we go out after work and we keep exchanging flirty glances.


It’s exciting.


It had been a while since I’d met someone I actually liked so when he asked for a peck, I obliged, almost too eagerly. My heart skipped a beat and a bit as my moist lips puckered and landed on his well chiseled jawline. I swear he was like a character from one of those JR. Ward novels I loved so much in high school.


As I alighted the matatu, I was wearing one of those sheepish smiles. What’s wrong with you? I prompted myself. Days passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. A whole life with him flashed before my eyes, in my dreams, my day dreams, my fantasies, basically, everything started revolving around him. Deep down, I knew he’ll probably screw me over but I just couldn’t bring myself to let go.


I managed to shove him away for a couple of days but all that went to crap when he texted me, “Hey, wanna hang out? “. My fingers literally froze on my keyboard. I wanted to say No, but every other part of me was screaming, yeeess! Go ride that pony girl!!  Hol’ up, what am I saying??


Bottom line, I went.


Turns out hanging out was cool after all. We had a few drinks, played spin the bottle and watched Nigerian comedy,totally hilarious. Then it was time to leave. As I rose to leave, he pulled me close, cupped my face in his oh so masculine hands, our brown eyes locked in a lustful gaze, we both closed our eyes as his lips powerfully landed on mine. I was breathless. Wow that actually happens.


He ran his hands through my hair and took  deep breath. “I love your lips. I love the way you kiss. I’m obsessed” he whispered into my face. “I want to be with you, “ he breathed into my neck, my knees suddenly gave in. This one got me stupid. 


To be continued…


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