When Gambling Goes Wrong, Then What? Sportpesa Manenos.

When Gambling Goes Wrong, Then What? Sportpesa Manenos.
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In a bid to get a double win, one Ken Kosgei found himself in the after life. This gambling enthusiast took a loan of 45,000 from KCB with the aim of betting twice with two different accounts. He placed the 45k steak on Real Madrid which he was sure would beat Athletico Madrid and make him instanly wealthy. The bet was to yield him a tidy sum of 187,000. Unfortunately this was not to be as his team terribly let him down losing to Athletico Madrid 1-0.


The poor chap could not believe that he had lost his 187k and the 45k which he had no means of repaying. He could not wait to see what KCB had in store for him so he opted for the easy way out and hang himslef. His body was found dangling on a tree by school children headed to school early in the morning.. One thing for sure, gambling is not for the faint hearted, if you can’t handle the loss or outsmart the sportpesa guys kindly keep off! Oh na kama hujawahi shinda ile balloon kubwa pia wewe hii kazi si yako please. Listen to the Comic narration by Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu on Radio Maisha.

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