The Perils of K.U Unicity.

K.U's Unicity Mall Now OPEN! [Photos]
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Kenyatta university has until now been a campus associated with Thika road superhighway and residential Kahawa. Students here have been missing out on the ultimate mall experience for quite a while now. TRM came and opened not so far way and now we all flock to TRM or garden city. Let’s face it , HELB money doesn’t really afford a student much except the occasional pizza which one has to wait till Tuesday for the twin offer. In those scenarios, you team up with few friends to buy one.

K.U isn’t really endowed with such facilities. Sure BSSC tries but students will always look for such outside. Recently Unicity opened and by the time it starts being operational, hopefully with pizza, chicken, ice cream joint, café and supermarket ,doom will already started reigning in the pockets of our young men. While in school, km is a favorite place for dates especially since food is totally affordable.

For those who take it a notch higher, Mt.Kenya restaurant, KUCC and Mugumo offer quite a range of delicacies. Still 200 bob is enough to get your date a good lunch. Very soon though, that 200 will not be enough to get her that pizza and chicken especially when it has come so near.

No sane girl will wait for you at Blessed Inn (KM) when pizza inn is just behind the library. Oh gentlemen, brace yourselves for hard times. But then again no fare lost when going to Garden City and Roysambu. It’s definitely going to be a worthwhile ride for my fellow ladies.

I think I deserve an ice cream now.


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