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This is to you my unborn brother or sister who I’m still not sure about your sex because mama wants to keep that as a surprise. Frankly am even surprised you came along, I mean with mums age and my obsession of being the favorite in the family kind of crowded my thinking to the possibility of another child.

I will call you Elliot, a unisex name for now and am your big sister, the current last born in your future family and already in love with you. Am my own fanatic that’s why after all these months I have come to accept the painful fact of sharing attention from myself to you. I hated you deeply for the first week after mum told me of your impending arrival but the glowing smile constantly on mums face is enough to soften my selfish heart and accommodate you.

By now probably, mum has told you that her womb has harbored four other children and of course I am the better of them all because unlike them shopping for baby clothes and cots am busy in my room writing you a heartfelt letter. One thing about this harsh world is words sometimes mean more than material things. And you will probably realize when you turn twelve that I’m only writing because I can’t afford to get you those material presents. For now accept my love, dear one.

You are being born into a very lucky family, a talented one. Dad and your brother will teach you all about the stock market and the best cars. That will actually excite you if you are a boy. The eldest sister will teach you how to excel in all stuff education, books (in short she is a geek). The other sister will be your go to fashion lady and beauty products. Mum says all her children are beautiful but when it comes to fashion only one gets the credit. I hope you are still not wondering why I’m not the one doing shopping for your baby clothes.


And then there is me, the current lastborn. I don’t want to blow my own horn but am the only one able to compose a letter to anyone. Am interested in everything health matters and I will probably do your blood sugar measurements and calories counting when you get to that phase of ‘watching what we eat’. And I don’t care about make-up, accessories, fashion and the latest cars. Am probably keeping you from enjoying that burger mum had for lunch from her placenta, but I had to introduce ourselves to you. Hope you make a good choice on whom to follow, I will still love you even if you don’t choose me.

You are from our mum, a beautiful lady who has given us all these traits and am almost sure you will turn out a great child. Very soon we will all be out of home permanently and you will have mum and dad to yourself. It will be boring but also fun having all the attention to yourself and more when we come to visit.

I have a great deal of this world to explain to you but I would rather you experience it yourself. There are times you will irritate us when you wail the whole night and keep all of us awake and we will hate you for it, but those adorable eyes and dimples will multiply the love. I can’t promise to always pick you up when you wake up crying and needy. I can’t also promise not to eat that baby food that you refuse to finish up. And yes, I will beat you up when you are naughty and scold you so often.

I will do all that Elliot and love you, spoil you with affection, buy you all the candy and help remove your milk teeth, take you shopping and buy you ice-cream even when mum warns me against doing so. I will support you when you want to skip school. In short I will be the balance in your life.

Till next month Elliot, hang in there. Am making sure mum eats all the delicacies for you and keeps warm.


Already in love,

Your eager sister.


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