Why it is Important to Attend Campus Workshops and Seminars

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While pushing through your life in Campus, you may come across many new adventures and discoveries. These discoveries are meant to expose you to the outside world and make you think outside the box.

It is always good to learn something new whenever you are exposed to a new environment. This will make you develop a mechanism of adapting quickly to a change whenever it’s due.

Now this kind of revolution doesn’t just come to your room, if you want change you have to go out and look for it. You need to push out of your comfort zone and seize every opportunity that comes your way for your own benefit.

There are some campus events you should never miss out as they help you achieve personal development.

Some are just meant for entertainment and socialization while others will have you shape your behavior and character as well as change your mindset on various aspects.

Do you remember those meetings and seminars usually held at the BSSC. Well most of these seminars are meant to educate and sensitize the students on particular issues. Some are very beneficial and can help one shape their life to a more fruitful and engaging one.

While most of the students don’t take these kind of events with seriousness, they can be of very good benefit to a student. That explains the reason why they are there.

For instance, every semester, Kenyatta University holds several seminars, forums and workshops before the end of the semester. While some of them target specific groups, most are meant for the general KU fraternity and anyone willing to attend should do so.

Such events include the Ajira digital programs, Youth leadership forums, entrepreneurship talks and goal oriented workshops. One would ask, why should I waste my time attending an event that won’t pay back? But are these forums really beneficial?

Well your guess is as good as mine, one thing you should learn is that for the most of the forums you attend, you are issued with a certificate which you can use to increase your confidence while looking for a job later.

Another thing is you achieve personal development and skills. Sometimes back, KU used to host a program known as Ajira Digital. It was conducted by delegation of government agents who would teach students on how to work online.

I know of students who became professional online content creators and writers after attending the Ajira Digital forums at BSSC and are now making a living out of it.

Ajira Digital is a government initiative aimed at equiping young people with online entrepreneurship skills so that they can work online and earn a living or better still create employment opportunities for themselves and others.

The enterprenuership forums gives you an insight of how to become a successful entrepreneur. If you are keen enough, you can gain enough knowledge to start and run your own business while in school. You will no longer need to call home asking for some upkeep money and that’s amazing, right?

Finally, the leadership forums prepare you for the task awaiting you after campus education, and even before. For instance, you learn how relate with other people in a meaningful and engaging way as well as building strong groups of people to work with.

You also learn how to manage your time and resources and channel them to bring you benefits.

Therefore it’s good to attend these kind of meetings and see if you can get something to hang on and maybe make a fortune out of the knowledge you gain therein.


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