Girl, what gas do you think your old sponsor inhales?

You must now be aware of this park of lazy, cheap attention-seekers making rounds in our campuses as independent ladies.

what gas do you think your old sponsor inhales
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 Well, for some degree, they are- after all,they have had a fair share of the sponsors cash; reaping what their fathers’ agemates pursued in their early twenties. These flashy ladies with some gross and unwarranted attitude and every other thing on their bodies fabricated. Nothing natural!!!

Long nails, the unending longevity of their human hair (which is actually not their own), facial misconceptions to hide the long threads of black spots almost everywhere on their faces and of course the unending stretch marks all over their bodies. And did I tell you the sweat-ridden weaves/wigs hanging on their heads with enough putrid smell emanating from their scalps after a long wait for a cab in the open air? Even their accent is that which is borrowed. Nothing original to celebrate lest the towel defaces them.

And still you want to ride on high horses with such folks? Or are these shortcomings your bragging rights for a broken family and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?

Arguably correct, i must say these ladies have some mammoth ego, which is perhaps closeted behind the rumbling lodging doors in some high end lounge. For some reasons best known to them, they want to treat every other person with unmatched contempt- leave alone saying ‘Hi’.

Excuse me, ‘salimia watu sponsor hukufa’. Stop acting as though the grey-haired man doing your rent inhales some gas which is immune of death and other bad omens.

I must say that this bunch of shameless girls will do anything for a coin and yet see their counterparts as lesser beings. Besides, they are easily consigned to bed by these old chaps- degrading them even the more. NA BADO WANARINGA!!!!!

If anything, these ladies are prisoners of their own identities; behind the bars of laziness and small minds that want minimal engagement in wealth creation.

No apologies!!!!!!



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