How to Replace Kenyatta University Student ID Cards

How to Replace Kenyatta University Student ID Cards
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Today we’ll go through how you can replace your Kenyatta University student ID card. This has been tried out in the main campus.

It’s quite unfortunate when you loose your KU student’s ID card as you will be barred from entering the main gate (unless you have your national ID), the ladies hostels, buying meals using your smart card and worse the school library!

Below is the procedure on how to replace Kenyatta University student ID cards:

STEP ONE: Write a letter to Registrar (Academic) requesting for replacement of your student identification card.
STEP TWO: Take the letter to the Security Office for stamping and signing.
STEP THREE: Take the letter to the Dean of Student’s Affairs for stamping and signing.
STEP FOUR: Payment for the replacement will be as per below.
Ksh 1,000 – To replace the Smartcard
Ksh 100 – For temporary undergraduate ID
Ksh 400 – For a temporary Postgraduate ID
All payments should be made through KU bank branches at these Banks (Family, Equity, Co-op, National Bank) – however, you can also pay the cash at the petty cash office in the new administration complex.
STEP FIVE: Take the Bank slip to Finance Office cashier and obtain Kenyatta
University Official receipt.
STEP SIX: Attach that receipt to the letter and take it to the smartcard office for replacement.
 What is personalization?
It is the process of saving data to the chip of the Smartcard.
 Personalization of smartcard is done once but not every semester.
 When a student misplaces his or her student ID he/she should send a ticket to or email [email protected] so that the card can be blocked.
 After replacing the lost smartcard, the card must be personalized.
 A student can check their balance at the point of sale (messes) or send a support ticket to or via email to [email protected]


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