3rd Year Student Crowned Miss Tourism of Tana River

Mikal Dulu Crowned Miss Tourism of Tana River
The chief officer in the department of Trade, Tourism and Industry Abdulkadir Sirad crowns a third year student at Kenyatta University, Mikal Hadulu Dulu as the winner of the Miss Tourism of Tana River County during a beauty contest at Hola City Restaurant.
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Hola City Restaurant hall was full of capacity of 500 people as Tana River County Government held its historical event, the “Miss Tourism” beauty contest over the weekend.

In a colourful event organized by “Ngome Enterprises and Title”, from ten young beautiful participants, the 21-year-old-third-year student at Kenyatta University Miss Mikal Hadulu Dulu, was crowned the winner.

Addressing the crowd before he crowned the winner, the Chief Officer in the Department of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mr. Abdulkadir Sirad urged the national Government to upgrade the only high way Malindi and Garissa which is very pathetic.

He said the County government has plans of reviving two of the most attractive zones in the area which are the “George Adamson” falls which was damaged by wildlife after the owner died.

“The second are is the “Mchelelo National reserve” (Tana Primate) which has rare animals like the Red Columbus which in the whole world are only found in the area,” said Mr. Sirad.

He also said that the county government is partnering with the national government to construct accommodation facilities at the Mchelelo that tourists who will be visiting can be assured of safety and leisure.

On the new crowned Miss tourism, the chief said the county government will give her all the supports she need as far as promoting the county is concerned.

He said his department has set aside Sh50 to 60 million in revamping the tourism sector attract tourists who visit Kilifi and Lamu counties that they can extend to the County.

Meanwhile, Miss Dulu after being crowned vowed to make all her efforts to reduce early marriages in the area that has seen girls being married off at the age of 13.

She blamed the cultural practices by some of the communities living in the area who say girls do not have the right to question their parents on their rights to education and other social needs.

“I will also use the social Media especial Facebook which is being used by most of the youth in promoting peace that is being experienced by now in the area to woo back tourists to come to our county,” said Miss Dulu.

She urged the youth in the area not to allow be misused by selfish politicians who use them to destroy peace especially when nearing elections for the political gains and dump them immediately they get into power.


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