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Next Life Dating Students Club at Kenyatta University

Next Life Dating Students Club at Kenyatta University

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that people still talk about long after it has happened, especially when it has been celebrated in...
Why you should consider being the side chick

Why You Should Consider Being the Side Chick

Hardly will most people accept that stolen waters are sweetest. They will try to buy more relevance in the name of ‘’no sharing’’ can...
why I wont date campus divas soon

Why I Won’t Date Campus Divas Soon.

”If only money grew on trees, then women would be dating monkeys”. The Whatsapp status from an old friend  greatly caught up my attention....
4 Ways to Keep Him Close

4 Ways to Keep Him Close

  It is the dream of every lady to keep their soul mates close to themselves even when their partners are up for grabs by...
heartless campus girls

These Heartless Campus Girls!

These heartless campus girls have tremendously upped their game when it comes to using men for their own selfish needs. Guys, the following are...
Making Love to You

Making Love to You

...thunder echoing in the distance...the air dense and condensed with moisture as though all the water in the world that dissipated hung there. It...

What Kenyatta University Students Plan On Friday Nights!

It's a matter of fact that most campus students (especially in Kenyatta University) have ,ade plans for this day - Furahiday as many have...

Why Campus Pregnancies Won’t End Soon

While chastity has been the virtue advocated by our men of the clothe in the society, my comrades have specialized in the direct opposite....
USIU ladies

A Must Read: KU Ladies vs USIU Ladies. What A Contrast!!!!!!

You will be petrified by their large numbers as they bag the so cheap title; campus divas and you wouldn't be mistaken to grace...

Save Us Your Intolerable ‘Moshene’- KU Ladies

Now that school resumes, these ladies wont give us peace of mind . Fully armed with the 'cock and bull' tales of how eventful their...



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