4 Ways to Keep Him Close



It is the dream of every lady to keep their soul mates close to themselves even when their partners are up for grabs by other singles- who won’t relent until they have your man all for themselves. Perhaps, a holistic charm that ladies are yet to discover will cause the paradigm shift. This is how to do it while maintaining your irresistible self;

Perfect your art of seduction

Well, just as overwhelming suspense in stories attracts tremendous readership, your art of seduction will either work for your or against you. The language of romance that is engraved in your seduction should be fundamentally that which will make him be like ‘’it’s few hours and am craving for………..’’. Well, you know better how your man wants to be treated. In any case, you’re the driver and your ‘engine ignition’ is paramount. It will work wonders for you if you do it rightly!

Be very competent and responsible

If anything, you should even be more responsible than him. Men always pursue partners, who can be in charge; who will make something out of a fortune. Besides, busy ladies look prettier than their idle counterparts who are ‘a thorn into the flesh’ in the men’s lives. Responsibility begins with realizing that he is not ready to be a daddy and taking caution during shagging gives you an upper edge.

Call him only when it’s necessary

Many will tell you that calling your man oftenly will keep ‘chips fungas’ at bay. But truth be told, busy men hate to be interrupted from their busy money-making schedules through calls that will amount to no substantial capital. If you realize this earlier, the better it will be for you. So if you must call him, let it be very urgent and to the point – preserve your energy until he is home and you can ‘pounce’ on him as much as you want.

Always be creative

If you must be told, men have many scenarios that require quick and resonate interventions, which end up troubling them. They need solutions to these problems, you dunderhead! The swifter you march your creativity to his encounters, the more close he will be to you. You should be there to provide remedies to his woes lest he will find solace in another lady’s skirt.

Now you know!


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