Pregnant in Campus? You Are My Type.

pregnant in campus? you are my type
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I have always tried to be bipartisan when it comes to matters where intimacy is the core subject of discussion to avoid someone having my kidney for their dinner. You must agree with me that  the reign of the Holy Spirit impregnating Mary is over. Well, if you ask the guys how they feel when their twin soul is pregnant , you will receive insurmountable tantrums and glee in equal measure. and for the guys, if your girl is pregnant, then you are also pregnant!!!!!Either the ego in the  man in you is inflated or the shameless boy in you is downtrodden in the walk of shame. Period!!!

Let us face it!!!! Men will always go for the best, and you being gorgeous and the elegant kid in the block, you just fell for his trap, if there was any . By all means, you are the crème de la crème when it comes to beauty. Besides, every man has a third eye to check out the beauty in a girl and you were just caught up in the  crossfire of love affairs, but! you are very beautiful. I know someone is already gnashing their teeth with fury  for my sentiments, but did  say someone isn’t beautiful or  an eye candy in the same aspect? Spare me the strain of overstretched thoughts .

All so not forgetting the fundamental reason, girl, you are very……….very fertile and men want fertile and compatible  grounds where they sow their seeds and come out in bliss after the bumper harvest..It’s no wander you are my type. No hardworking man would like to sow his seeds into grounds that do not support life? And for the obvious reasons as dictated by nature and science, you are just at the magnum opus of your adolescence or just few months old from the dungeons of unbearable peer pressure, which you succumbed to.

Adorably, you are the best ,rare and extinct species of our times who equally uphold humanity  and abhor inhumane acts of abortion as seconded by SAUTI SOL’S jam, NEREA. And needless to say, you are just the rational lot of individuals who undeniably, are working tremendously on their careers in a desperate bid to substantiate on the future of this upcoming generation of children, by the children and for the children progeny.

If i will ever marry , then you are the type am looking  for .Your  attractive natural traits mystify me the more . And for this, happy belated mother’s day . How I wish I could be in a position of delivering roses at your doorsteps. Treat yourself on my behalf, won’t you?


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