why I wont date campus divas soon
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”If only money grew on trees, then women would be dating monkeys”. The Whatsapp status from an old friend  greatly caught up my attention. I guess that already rings  a bell .My first reason. Campus divas are a whole different lot of ‘empowered’ women. From what that surfaces from most of their conversations, a good number of them claim to  be ‘miss independent’(they pay their bills). And one greatly wonders what kind of independence yet even the messed-up meals from the school mess are sponsored courtesy of an ambitious young man.

Truth be told, these young ladies will hardly date a cent-less man. I have thus  abhorred spending my hard-earned thousands  from my writing career on these ‘miss independent’. Wouldn’t i be a moron trying to quench their insatiable thirst for Guarana? Or even their inflated appetite for cheap pizzas on Tuesdays?

Well, fashion has never been so cheap as it is. The conservative village girl who happens to pursue higher education is immensely corrupted by the wavering fashion trends especially cheap lipsticks and micro miniskirts. Without  prior knowledge they grace their dark lips with red  lip gloss-which from a fashion consultant, that’s a mismatch. And besides, aren’t their lips as those of Angeline Jolie? That’s incomparable contrast. Did I mention their skirts?……

Whoa!!! their skirts ………they are ‘little  but noisy” and they gladly expose even the  ominous parts. Their wrinkled buttocks(mishap after butt enhancement) and their spotted mosquito legs irk me the most. To therefore maintain and retain my also hard- earned reputation, I shelve any erection that may come up at the sight of these grotesque legs.

Their childish behavior too, disgust the giant in me. Perhaps my expectations are too high .But! How on earth do you follow your alleys to the washrooms just to escort them? Or even make several phone calls to your girlfriends and see whether they are attending classes before you can set your feet in school? I just realized the paradox of empowerment that everyone is  talking about. Should we make  commentaries regarding empowerment of the girl child, then let it be mental-related.

In fear of a ‘handicapped’ progeny, I vowed  not to date these ‘big babies’- who think lollipop is the antidote to their mouth diarrhea venom that they spit as a result of uncharted intolerable communication skills. Their language is perverted and vulgar.

For anyone who cares to listen, campus love is for the birds-the ravens, that skew proper interests, intentions and attention. No wonder I wouldn’t masquerade as a lover to a campus diva.

Now you know I have  a reputation and a future to protect, which am not willing to jeopardize in the name of plastic love.


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