A Must Read: KU Ladies vs USIU Ladies. What A Contrast!!!!!!


You will be petrified by their large numbers as they bag the so cheap title; campus divas and you wouldn’t be mistaken to grace their Tuesdays with cheap pizzas around TRM. Call them the K.U divas. By virtue of their surrounding, which is not so serene for a sane individual, their character by large, is still wanting. From the hyped environment of Githurai, to the cheap bed sitters engraved in the suburb of Kahawa Sukari, you will find them scantily dressed; with weird hair styles which are not so far from a bird’s nest as the putrid smell emanating from the horse tails on their heads can suffocate an already resuscitated old man.

In fact, these are the ladies who will always deprive you of your sound sleep late in the night calling you with some borrowed fake accents, which clearly betray their genesis. Or even humiliating your new iPhone 6 with messages of please call me amid funny emojis that by all means, show uncalled for desperation. Are they even aware of the disgrace they cause to this world class institution of higher learning? Perhaps, I should frog march them into a court of law for such contempt to the identity of Kenyatta university. And yes, I will!!!!!

A whole new world will introduce any right thinking suave young man into the leafy , so- quiet atmosphere that happens to embed USIU along Thika road. Ladies here will always treat you with some decorum, and their elegance will always pull you closer. And besides, they are miss independents unlike their cohorts from KU- who will show up at a date with a whole bunch of idle ladies just to have some lunch from the guy. USIU ladies have this good tendency of being so soft in everything they do; it is no wander they embrace the fronts of fashion, academics and even inventions. On the contrary, you will find their counterparts from K.U, who are academics charlatans masquerade as in some joints around Kahawa.

Even a blind man will feel the tenderness of these high profile ladies from the USIU. After all, mwanamke ni tabia ,urembo ni added advantage. If anyone is wondering why am irked by KU divas, then let them know that am just advocating for some sanity into their heads , and they should inevitably, change for the better.


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