K.U.S.A Fourth Issue Campanile Real Time Critic.


Well people around me say I’m mean and will probably bruise some egos with this review of the latest publication from very talented student writers and the K.U.S.A administration – fourth issue campanile.
For starters, when the magazine was launched by Lone Felix (former KUSA president) the aim was to be totally student oriented but with the recent issue the KUSA officials have taken up the fore pages to themselves to express their achievements while in office. Well, guys it’s not bad to brag but the ordinary student doesn’t care who should get credit for getting us pretty blue buses that wander around the school, rather they just board it and continue with their usual gossip. Actions don’t have to be proven to the multitude, just serve as voted to do so and leave peacefully. If Prof. Mugenda took up space to explain her achievements then we would have a 3000 page novel which would be very expensive mind you.
Let’s leave the poor student leaders alone for now, we appreciate the work (if any) that you have been doing while in office.
Someone copy posted the review on the movie, game and series that were featured in the campanile. Please, KUSA fire the writer responsible for those reviews. San Andréa’s and sense 8 were great shows and deserved good appreciation especially sense eight that has scenes from our neighborhood (Nairobi county). It should appreciate good acting with a bit of Kenyan style.
Gossip girl, really??! What did you lose to your previous sense of humor? The rumor mongering is good but what you said there isn’t really rumors. Those are just things students discuss while riding the blue bus and ‘hanging out’ at annex. I loved the previous issues gossip but really disappointed this time.
I am a big supporter of students who go out of their way to do extra while in campus and showing us this talent on the campanile is really encouraging. Kudos on the talent search guy on that editorial team.
Fashion people, I love your taste. Just that for you this time. Don’t lower those standards though. K.U @30 is here people, let’s continue loving our university and continue being the best.

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Very loyal student.


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