You Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?

u Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?
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Wear your National flag. We are able to understand your struggle in a geographic context. Wear your “Workers of the World Unite !” flag. It reminds us that our struggle is not about nationality but class based. Wear your Black Nationalist or African flag (That could be similar to the flag of the UNIA or the AU). It reminds of Black people’s oppression under capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and white racism. If you wear aFrench flag and you are not French or live in France , we assume that you are in solidarity with the French ruling class and not it’s oppressed social layers. We know then that you are a potential recruit for the imperialists army, to defend the interests of the tiny global cabal of oppressors who are indeed the financiers of terrorism for the advancement of imperialism. So wear your France icon flag (And not being France’s working class, and we know that you are either ignorant or ideologically fully aligned with the project of imperialism. I am not in solidarity with you.


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