Why You Should Consider Being the Side Chick

Why you should consider being the side chick
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Hardly will most people accept that stolen waters are sweetest. They will try to buy more relevance in the name of ‘’no sharing’’ can work in this unfathomable love stories surrounding our young lives. And isn’t sharing caring? Well, under such harsh and unpredictable economic escapades, where it takes even a hair to lay the table, communal sharing of resources wouldn’t hurt considering the brotherhood spirit uncalculated in us for more than five decades now.
Being a side chick only escalates your power to meet your bills more efficiently, with some calculated steps that articulate speed of thought. This largely shows how tolerant you can be to put up with a stressed up guy who sees dismal, if any, beauty from women around him after being subjected to mental torture of ‘’please call me’s’’ and ‘’aki woiye’’ stories from the main chick. Doesn’t this make you feel more adorable and accepted?
Truth be told! Inasmuch as we don’t want to accept, only a Neanderthal lass would get jealous in case the guy is consequently seeing someone else. Times have changed and so do love circles. Gone are the days when love was pampered by virtues of faithfulness and the likes. A keen observer will tell you that the 21st century woman seldom want to be burdened by baby mama drama. Cat fights are for cats, and only an over ambitious and not-so-modern damsel would allow her face to be dented just because of a man. Natural resources, as the science has taught us. They are always free and available to all; scarce ones are utilized sparingly, just like men.
Arguably correct, just like side hustles, side chicks are an impartial bunch of irresistible game changers. They are always smart; thinking outside the box. She is always the solution provider to this gentleman. And you still consider the main chick as an option? Well, shift of gears for the better. Should you be thinking of anything already, then a side chick would do you good.
Give your heart a break, over-ambitious lady! When will you cease overworking your heart for purposes it is not meant to serve? Perhaps, your former broke your heart. Well, you should laugh at that. Yeah, you heard me right! Laugh out your heart loudly, for the antidote to such venom, apparently begins with your acceptance of the current love trends, making rounds especially in campuses.


  1. So I should be a side chick so that he pays my bills and I be his solution provider? come on dude,women are more willing to pay their own bills now than they ever were before,plus,a man is not some special kind of oxygen


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