Comrades Meet Bertha Akinyi

Sit-down with this aspiring beauty leaves one with admiration of how much the female gender has transformed itself from the depths of insignificance in the community to actually doing things that are changing our communities, schools and at large the world. Women that are not tied down by the usual misconception of male dominance in almost every aspect of our existence.
Bertha is a third year student in school of public health particularly invested in social issues affecting the student population. Clinching the first runners up position in the 2015 Miss status in the HIV/AIDS week her role in this pandemics awareness is clear and some of her clear motivations for wanting to venture into politics where she can champion even more awareness to this and similar illnesses ailing our comrades. Her role in the health week is further potentiated by working with Rafikistry an NGO dealing with HIV and STDs helping reduce cervical and vaginal cancer. The organization also offers workshops on contraception use.
Bertha Akinyi and friends Nemo
Martha& friends – Nemo | K.U-Comrades Forum
Student mobilization is part of her goal to encourage students to live a purpose and
innovative life. As a leader in Nyayo 2 hostel, she achieved her manifesto fully as an inspiration to upcoming leaders who should be keen to fulfill their promises to the common student.
Personal experience with this sociable comrade gives me the confidence to speak and tell about her to you students. Let’s support the noble causes taken by these young ladies who are making our social environment safer, more confident in our sexual choices and most important encouraging the typical campus lady to be a pillar in community development.



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