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What you ought to know about your leaders in campus

Miss CUEA in One Minute

By The Pseudo-doctor Vanity, that’s all I thought of when I see someone enduring 6 inch heels and layers, coats in fact, of make up just...
One on One With Ian Kinanga

One on One With: Ian Kinanga

A problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it. One of the greatest scientists to ever walk on the face of...

The Life of Douclas Shamala

Douclas Shamala adressing a crowd | K.U-comrades Forum              The name doesn’t speak much till you meet this comrade face...
An Exclusive With Ibrahim Marvin; The Golden Voice

An Exclusive With Ibrahim Marvin; The Golden Voice

1. Who is Ibrahim Marvin? Jarateng Marvin Ibrahim: Really? Guess you'll need a rim of fulls caps. Anyway, Marvin Ibrahim is a brand. A brand that...

Press Statement by University Students’ Leaders on the Way Forward During the HELB Conference...

KUSA's Sec Gen Stephen Mwadime Taking Notes In The Ongoing Consultative Meeting with HELB This is a press statement by student leaders from the ongoing Students...

From The Office of The KUSA Deputy Secretary General: The Year That was 2014/2015

As the 2014/2015 academic year comes to an end, it is safe to say that Kenyatta University has been a hotbed of activity. The...
Ryan Tei For KUSA President

KUSA Presidency 2016: Makiti RYAN TEI

Many comrades have come to appreciate what this gentleman has always done and in so doing the greater majority have pledged their support towards...
K.U.S.A elections 2015

Enough Said : K.U.S.A 2015 Elections.

It strikes me as a really immature move when an individual claiming to be a Kenyatta University student, sees the need to take up...
Morara Kebaso Morara LL.B, CFA (1) Kenyatta University School Of Law Former Opposition Leader For Kenyatta University Students Assosiation (KUSA)

Morara Kebaso Morara LL.B, CFA (1) Kenyatta University School Of Law | Former...

THE TRAGEDY OF WASTED DREAMS - A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF MODERN CAMPUS POLITICS - Morara Kebaso Morara.   The Late Dr. Myles Munroe once said that,...

Dama-Soft Ltd’s C.E.O Vincent Opar talks about his journey : School Life & Leadership

Background: Born: Feb, 10th, 1990 Village: Kolonde Central Karachuonyo, Kendu Bay Karachuonyo constituency Rachuonyo District Homa Bay County Family; I hail from a humble background, I have a Mum, no dad. 1st...



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