Enough Said : K.U.S.A 2015 Elections.


It strikes me as a really immature move when an individual claiming to be a Kenyatta University student, sees the need to take up his time and data bundles (perhaps we should blame bundles mwitu?) and goes ahead to post some nasty accusations against a K.U.S.A aspirant just for the sake of well…publicity?!

First, you are a grown as man/woman with an education fit to make a difference in this great student community.  Is it so hard to honor the unsaid rule when it comes to student politics? The answer is no, obviously. But a couple of minutes ago, as I was going through the 26k+ membered Facebook group – K.U – Comrades Forum I noticed a few individuals spamming the group with political innuendo – ranging from simple cases of accusing leaders of being gay to such extreme atrocities as paying students to have sex with them, quote and quote – thus makes them any less of leaders.

While all this seems to tarnish the names of these leaders, I can’t help but remember a statement I heard from a previous K.U.S.A leader – all publicity, whether good or bad – is publicity.

In K.U students elections – in the past that is, the voting turn out has been quite low compared to the overall student’s population with roughly less 10,000 of the 60k + students actually going ahead and voting. As such, the wining leader usually bags a seat with 3-5k votes. This is such a low turnout! It means then, that those who go ahead to vote are either ‘friends’ with the aspirants, or are their friend’s friends, or school mates/department-mates or…you guessed it, heard about the aspirant’s name and seat from whatever social media source they stumbled upon.

K.U.S.A elections 2015
Remember, all publicity – is publicity.

This means that, even with the ongoing disqualifications for all those nominees who do not adhere to the rules – aspirants have found an alternative way to get their names out there. You simply hire a student or, if you have the time, create multiple fake accounts and spam these Facebook groups with all sort of information (mostly negative) with your(aspirant’s) name as the key focus. At the end of the day, you have more students who know your name and as such the seat you’re vying for and come October when they get to the ballot paper to vote for their congressperson – they’ll come across the aspirant’s name on the ballot papers! And yes, they will definitely vote for them! They say the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t.

My question is, to what end do your endeavors measure up to? Yes, you’ll be elected as a student leader, but what value does it add to your life and of those around you? As a blogger, I’m inclined to keep my distance during this period – but come November when you do take up your position on the senate, I’ll be on you a** as to what you promised the students who voted for you. Be keen on what your manifestos will promise us (students).

K.U.S.A elections 2015

Enough said, I’d advice all Kenyatta University students to take the time to turn up and vote in these K.U.S.A 2015 elections – your vote counts.


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