SPAS Professionals Day & Corporate Expo – Every Beginning has An End


The academic year 2014/2015 has seen SPAS as one of the most vibrant schools in KU, thanks to the ardent leadership of dean in collaboration with the congressman that has seen students’ interests taking priority. That said, beyond just student matters SPAS congressman – Mmera Maxwell Ayera’s office has managed to run a series of up to 5 successful events through seminars on Innovations, Anti-counterfeit Campaign & Legislations, Intellectual Property Rights, Career Fair and the Corporate Exposition. Thanks to the KUSA sponsorship of KSh 120,000 to the docket, the support of the dean of school and Ayera’s strategic teams for the three trimesters.

It is with such effort that the SPAS Professionals Day & Corporate Expo being the last major event, pending the SPAS Sports Day, had to be the crème de la crème. And without doubt the event justified the hype it had been painted with, serving to fulfill the mutual objectives in the interest of the students and participating companies. Held on a Friday, 3rd July 2015 9AM-5PM, made it possible for our SPAS students and other students from different schools attend to learn from the participating companies and key guest speakers who included:

In order, awarded by the Dean of School Professor Ngeranwa withg congressman: chief guest Deborah Beaton, Steve Olieka, Elly Ruuri among others not shown; Congressman Openning speech at the event; Chief Guest presenting; congressman awarding airtime and CBA disks gifts to students; Guests, organizing team, and the whole facilitating team having lunch at Mugumo restaurant
  1. Ms Deborah BeatonMD & Founder, Kama Kazi Recruitment Company
  2. Steve OliekaEast Africa Head of HR, Safal Group
  3. Nancy MokuaCountry Manager, My Jobs in Kenya (sent a representative team)
  4. Susan MainaMarketing Manager, IAT Kenya
  5. Ruuri Elly KimathiBusiness Development Officer, IAT Kenya
  6. Lucy MbubaYouth Value Proposition Manager, CBA

The event was executed through presentations, discussions, networking and group sessions with the companies presenting and exhibiting at OML region. The students were able to learn from, network and interact with the companies. Key to the presentations were:

  1. CVs & Cover Letter Writing Skills
  2. Personal Branding and identifying ones key skills
  3. Developing team work in corporate space & essence of networking
  4. Career Objections, Progression and Projections
  5. Employability Skills
  6. Interview Models & Skills

The presentations and exhibitions ran concurrently, giving time for more exposure and as the presentations ended at 3pm, majority of the students had gathered enough knowledge to warrant the event a success. Much to the appreciation of the many students in attendance was the presence of the dean of school and chairpersons of SPAS departments sitting the entire sessions; indeed it was a show of wholesome commitment and support from the faculty.

“As I concluded their year with SPAS Sports Day on Friday 10th July 2015, I have a clear conscience that much has been done and there is now a path set clear for my successor to take over from. I have set the pace and left a mark that can be followed upon.” An enthusiastic Maxwell – SPAS congressman told our team.

“My key focus areas during my tenure have been: exposing students to the corporate sector, building soft skills among students, bridging the student-administration relationship through dialogue, representing both their academic concerns and welfare issues and I am proud that they have collaborated.” He added as we talked after the just concluded SPAS Professionals Day & Corporate Expo.

The SPAS team has served other schools that have been attending their events throughout the year, notably Schools of Economics, Engineering, Business, Education and Environment.


Special thanks to the dean of school, chairpersons of SPAS departments, SPAS congressman Mmera Maxwell Ayera and his team for taking up the challenge to better the student’s campus experience all throughout the year and as such, concluding their term in style!


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