Deserving of Entrepreneur of The Year is William Kamau Twagi

I too honestly believe the only person deserving to be crowned entrepreneur of the year is William Kamau Twagi. We have seen him in our...

Campus Love: Five Reasons Why He’s Just Using You For S3x

FIVE Unbelievable Reasons He’s Just Using You For S3x They say a lady chooses the man who chooses her but how exactly will you know...

Of Campus Life and Graduation

As per the dictionary meaning (I'm referring to Wikipedia of course :p), the word Graduation means - the action of receiving or conferring an...

Tiger Power, Strongest Man In Africa Hospitalized For Unknown Ailment

Barely has the African continent experienced such prowess exhibited by the legend Conrad Njeru Karukenya. Call him TIGER POWER, as he clearly bags such...
Someone Is Busy Eating Doreen Mwenda With Salt | What More Could An idle 'Fisi' Do?

Someone Is Busy Eating Doreen Mwenda With Salt | What More Could An idle...

This has worsened the situation for the 'Team Mafisi' as they can't 'contain' the ladies because of the financial constrain. And because of the...
Tales From Ku An Experience With Bedbags

Tales From Kenyatta University: An Experience With Bed bags

fter you've been allocated an hostel and cordially been given the key, you assume responsibility and walk there. This is a very important aspect...

K.U.S.A Fourth Issue Campanile Real Time Critic.

Well people around me say I’m mean and will probably bruise some egos with this review of the latest publication from very talented student...
Amos Njeru Campus Icon On K.U FM

Campus Icon Is Undoubtedly the Biggest Campus Radio Show in the Country.

It's a show that has captured the attention of creme de la creme in the Industry;The Likes of Mzazi Willy M Tuva. And Yet again...

Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One

Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One Whenever one gets admitted to university, it’s always a beginning of a better future. The...

Shocking Discovery by Onward Kenya – KU Chapter

A deligation was sent to Kenyatta University Primary School today to check on the general condition of the School and figure out how we...



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