Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One

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Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One

Whenever one gets admitted to university, it’s always a beginning of a better future. The institutions of higher learning conjure up a dream career, unlimited freedom among other things that those not lucky enough to get admission don’t enjoy and might not enjoy at all in their entire lives.

However, those who have gone through the system will let you know that there is more to university life than just the known-by-everybody allure.

Both men and women, due to peer pressure, end up succumbing to what they swore never to do in their lives. It’s here where you find a village church youth leader dropping his/her divine calling and engage in drinking.

For women, each academic year brings an opportunity for self-discovery and experimentation.
However, this too comes with a price tag. It’s here where women depreciate like any other commodity. They are code-named ‘gold’ in the first year to being called ‘archive’ in the last year.

Fresher (first year)

When Gracy was admitted to Kenyatta University to pursue a degree in Economic for four years, she was the happiest girl on the planet earth. After all she was the first and the only person from her sleepy village to join a university for studies.

Back in the village, she was a devoted choir master and Sunday school teacher and everybody respected and adored her for her should-be-emulated character.

With six broken relationship in the first semester, she came to learn that bad things happen and they can happen to anybody irrespective of their religious roots.

This crop of women in campus is the most ambitious. They are easily identified and can be distinguished from continuing students in the first few weeks and, maybe, the ‘uncivilized’ ones can still be identifiable for at most two months.

They clad differently, trying to avoid by all means skimpy dressing when attending classes. This lot submits its work on time. They are never late. In fact to them lecturers are ever late to class since they are in class thirty minutes to its commencement. In most of their talks, it’s all about getting first class honors and doing masters immediately.

You meet a first year at this stage; she is either carrying a Bible for a Bible study session or she is rushing to class scheduled to start in forty minutes time.
Civilization period begins towards the end of second semester. At this time, a fresher will tell you the kind of a man she wants to marry. They also start thinking of contesting for Miss University. They have tight schedules with phone calls coming in fast and furious.

They start changing their hairstyles weekly and their rooms too start getting stacked with beauty products.


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