It Seems That Students Has Been Put Into A Pressure Cooker And The System Has Forgotten To Switch Of The Gas.

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Students across various classes are under constant study pressure today as they continue with their end semester examinations. There is pressure from the Parents. There is pressure from the lecturers. There is pressure to perform better and better and secure more and more marks. There is pressure from the peers to outperform each other. There is pressure to be an obedient, well behaved, disciplined, a sporty and respectful student.


Students of senior – Undergraduate and Graduate schools are  also under pressure to score maximum possible marks so that they can get admission in Masters, PhDS or some other good professional courses. There is pressure to prepare proposals, projects while ensuring that we do not miss the lectures and lag behind our peers. It seems that a student has been put into a pressure cooker and the system has forgotten to switch of the Gas after placing it on the Stove.


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