Someone Is Busy Eating Doreen Mwenda With Salt | What More Could An idle ‘Fisi’ Do?


This has worsened the situation for the ‘Team Mafisi’ as they can’t ‘contain’ the ladies because of the financial constrain. And because of the financial challenges, the phrase ‘kula kwa macho’ has become a reality for most comrades as they can’t afford to keep to the demands of the ladies they really long to love and as the say goes ‘ as you wait for a mango to ripe, someone is busy eating it with salt’ so does the sponsors.

To me I will say that I miss it with a valid and concrete reason. My reason is highly supported by the 2016 KUSA Campaigns. Indeed, I have been feasting my eyes on the KU – Comrades Forum Website Gallery the whole semester following the live and even writing news and articles of the KUSA Campaigns. What more could an idle ‘Fisi’ do when the like of Current KUSA Deputy President and also Former KUSA Gender Secretary Doreen Mwenda keeps on winning KUSA Elections in Kenyatta University?



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