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Kenya Online Sport Betting

These days football betting is very popular among Kenyan youths. In fact, to some people, it has become a very “lucrative business”. Statistics have shown...
Tales From Ku An Experience With Bedbags

Tales From Kenyatta University: An Experience With Bed bags

fter you've been allocated an hostel and cordially been given the key, you assume responsibility and walk there. This is a very important aspect...

Kenyatta University at First Glance

My first dream of higher education envisioned the University of Nairobi, simply because it was the most talked about university of my childhood. When...
Tales From Kenyatta University The mess

Tales From Kenyatta University: The ‘MESS’

Eastern Kitchen, Western Kitchen... At around 11:50 am, I can see loads of people moving to the 'kitchens. Walking as fast as they could not...

Shocking Discovery by Onward Kenya – KU Chapter

A deligation was sent to Kenyatta University Primary School today to check on the general condition of the School and figure out how we...

Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One

Life Of A Female Campus Student In Kenya Part One Whenever one gets admitted to university, it’s always a beginning of a better future. The...

Deserving of Entrepreneur of The Year is William Kamau Twagi

I too honestly believe the only person deserving to be crowned entrepreneur of the year is William Kamau Twagi. We have seen him in our...
Tales From Kenyatta University: A Student Leader

Tales From Kenyatta University: A Student Leader

Quite a chilly morning but come what may, my hand can't resist to hold that pen and scribble a Tale. Mine own duty first.     * After...
KU School of Education Becomes Kenyatta University Teachers Training College!

Kenyatta University Says Goodbye to School of Education!

It does not come as a surprise that KU School of Education has become Kenyatta University Teachers Training College (College of Education), simply because it has an...
5 Phrases That Make You Sound Inexperienced

5 Phrases That Make You Sound Inexperienced

It never matters how much experience (or grey hair) you have compared to everyone else. You were hired to do a job and to...



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