Superhuman: a letter to parents
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It so happens that you have raised me your child in a very upright way. All my life you have brought me up in the Christian doctrine and taught me how to live laugh and love. Interestingly, I have seldom erred and that has placed me on the pedestal of superhuman.

I have always viewed you as superhuman too since no vice have I heard you did. You went through school well and by 19 my superhuman was married. Struggled through college juggling between books and raising me your firstborn.

Here I am, at 22 still a superhuman able to control and handle the body I carry. But then I remember I have messed up in the past. There are dark secrets in this superhuman’s life, very dark.

Will you my parents allow superhuman to be a little human? When you learn of my weaknesses, will you still celebrate me your superhuman? When I get overpowered by lust and all he’ll breaks loose, will you accept early grandchildren? Am I allowed to be human?

If Mary, the superhuman was to be rejected by the parents and fiance, would we have a redeemer born in dignity? If God has allowed me to pass through the challenge, won’t his grace be sufficient? Will He provide a way out for me?

Certainly yes, my ever loving father in heaven. The world wants a superhuman from me, but is the world bold enough to be a super-world?

God help me be a superhuman.


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