Cheryl Kitonga

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How swift we are to point our fingers on other people’s downfalls. allow me to also voice my views on the Cheryl Kitonga story. Well i like you and all others may not have been with her when anything happened or did not happen. however, we are so quick to point our fingers on her and condemn her. We have made her look like the world’s largest prostitute, the one and only who ever existed. It is well. we may have evidence and all that. I do not support Her when she said hii maisha yake itajulikana. that maisha is not good, yes it is wrong!! we ll agree to that.

My question is now to all who point fingers and condemn her, I want to talk to Christians who know their Bible, she has gone against God’s commands, yes, but do we really wanna match God’s standards? because when God talks of sexual sin, even that dude or lady who passed and you could not help look at her and build images in your head, that is sin. you have chats with people that are full of flirting, God in his word is also against that. There are people who know her very well and are her fellows maybe in a bible study group, i want to put you to task, where were you when she was slowly falling back to those habits? where is the place for discipleship?

one thing i want us to understand is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. we are all in the race to attain perfection through Christ Jesus. The Bible clearly states that for the brethren who have fallen, we should bring them back with love to the right path.

Let us all stop pretending about how sinful the act is and examine our lives. Look at that sin that so easily entangles you, that thing you do in private and wouldn’t want us to know. it is that secret sin that will deal with you in private and we shall be here to witness its victory over you.

God always seeks to advance us and when he wants to do that he will get rid of all the extra baggage. He will expose you to yourself or to the World, so that you no longer have that secret sin. When God exposes us he wants to make us better. Her time has arrived, God is interested in that weak point in her life and is doing much more in the background. Let us help advance the Gospel.

stand with those who have fallen and help them up, in that way you and I will be useful in God’s kingdom.



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