10 Great Lessons Of My Life (Part 1)

10 Great Lessons Of My Life (Part 1)
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My journey begun on 28th September 2005 at 10:25pm when i left my class headed to the schools prayer room (we used to call it study block) in tears not knowing what i was crying about but i could not just hold myself together…..I was looking for any CU official to pray for me to give my life to Jesus. I found them having a meeting, i walked in and knelt down and requested them to pray for me, i did not know what exactly i was doing all i knew is God had spoken to me to give my life to him he had use for me in my generation. In 2006 i was out of school i did not know exactly what to do, where to go or where to start with this calling thing that i had said yes to few months before. I found myself in a PCEA church where i served in praise and worship team, sometimes i was allowed to preach in the English service which had more of the youths.

I latter joined a ministry called Arise Africa led by one Saint Jamoh who was a major voice in school ministry where i served him faithfully as his protege, my duties were to carry his bibles, face towel and drinking water and also to make sure his shoes were clean and wiped of any dust at any time i always had a wet towel with me for that work. I was his errands boy and many times he never introduced me when we went to minister, sometimes i felt embarrassed, not worthy, useless like i was good for nothing, like i will never amount to much, I saw him dress in an amazing way while i looked so bad i mean terrible, students could talk and laugh pointing at me whenever we visited their schools i mean it was a tough time for me. I kept following him because i knew he had wisdom i needed for me to be established in my assignment. You see before God lifts you up to become a master, he will pull you down first as a servant, if you cant serve another you don’t deserve to be served by others.

Ofcose he loved me so much because i was at his call and i always ran when he sent me i always referred to him as sir whenever he addressed me which sounded so foolish before everyone else, one day i overheard one artist asking him kwani leo ule mboch wako ako wapi ( where is your maid servant today)that never killed my zeal to catch that grace from him…The truth is the grace you dont have is in a man you have not met, the bible says God told moses to get 70 Men of integrity and character and he would fill them with the spirit of Moses (Numbers 11:16-17) so i still followed him. He had an anointing i needed to catch and the only wisdom to catch that was to serve him like a fool….later that year he was leaving the country for Namibia and before he left he surprised everyone by naming me as the leader of the entire team, i was young, inexperienced, broke busted and disgusted, did not know whether i was coming going or gone but i humbly accepted the assignment knowing very well it would be an uphill task…..He gave me all the contacts to the schools he pastored and asked me to hold the work down till he comes back and thats how my journey into ministry begun……

Many years latter God has changed my life, he has given me a voice in my generation, privileged me to lead over 80,000 youths to Christ through school missions, camps, youth concerts, seminars and social media. I have wanted to write this but every time God has stopped me but he just told me its time to share. I know you are reading this right now and you have a ministry in you, you feel the same way i felt 10years ago and all you have is the word you heard from God calling you…I want you to know you are the right person for the work, He chooses the foolish things of men to shame the wise….Stay here for THE TEN GREATEST LESSONS OF MY LIFE



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