What Lies Ahead?!

What lies ahead?
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So it’s Christmas again. I’m in the village and can’t help but notice some few things: kids with matching clothes, several livestock missing, the church is full. This simultaneously reminds me of my days as a kid when my siblings and I wore similar clothes. I used to look up to my elder cousin’s as they drive their parents. The days u would grow up and stop wearing similar clothes. However, I loved the good old days, playing in the mud was so fun.

Today I sit in the same church, probably different position. I still look at those who have gone ahead of me more like standing in the old paths. I remember several faces I have seen since I was a kid still going strong. Well kept of the Lord,aging like wine.

In my mind I remember I have 2016 ahead of me and that means resolutions to set. I don’t know whether to set them or not as life has been unfolding in differ dimensions a day at a time. Tempted I am to start thinking of work life and life after school is over next year but again I have to think of the tough semester ahead of me.

Before I delve deep into that, I am reminded of why I sit in this temple today. A celebration of the lamb of God, His son born in our hearts. Having him in my heart today I am reminded that he holds the key to my life so I’ll just relax and allow him to surprise me as I work.

Merry Christmas to us, let us allow Christ be born in us as we enjoy the love and joy he brings in our lives.



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