Am I Worth?

I'm I worth?
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As I sit here on the pews, yet another wedding it is and once again a witness I am. Such an overwhelming moment and deep thoughts fill my mind. The mother of the groom speaks her blessings to the newly weds, a blessing upon her womb. To the groom a challenge to be the priest to the family.

Well, a little background to the wedding. The groom is a pastor and the bride a young medic who happens to be a pastor’s daughter. A strong foundation I must say it is, for it is set on Christ, or at least it appears to.

Being a university student, thoughts if my walk linger in the corners of my mind. The number of partners I’ve had, may any of them be the right one? How many times I have lost control with the partners I may not be able to count. Am I still worthy? Some of my body parts may have lost their tag, ‘private parts’ or worse still some lives terminated.

I may have gained my bearing along the way but tormented by my past I often am in such instances. And on that day, when the world as innocent as they are will be pouring their blessings in us, will God grant them to us? Will the past ever haunt me again or is it lost for good?

Certainly yes, the blessings will surely follow you and your past will be buried away from you. Thank God for his word that he shall wipe away my sins as far as the east is from the west and that there is no condemnation whatsoever for those in Christ.

He is a father who gives and forgives. He shall surely see you through. All is not lost. He is alive!

It is well with you!


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