Of Campus and Drugs!!

Of Campus and Drugs!!
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And talking of drugs within our fountains of higher education, it only appears how native the jargon is. This is majorly the sole reason we have half-baked graduates with miniature skills related to their line of specialization. In fact, unholy herbs and second generation ethanol has been glorified more than what is stated in the statue for higher education institutions.


If you ask me, my comrades will do anything to have a drop of liquor to quench their insurmountable thirst for ethanol. This can barely go without saying that even as they are riding on their high horses, the much they can afford is the third generation liquor leave alone the second one. In their drinking sprees, you will get run over by these shenanigans consuming the HIGHER EDUCATION LOANS BOARD funds or even their parents’ hard-earned cash. Well, from the juggernauts of the many jamborees organized by these broke students, one will only see the grief of shallow pockets amid tremendous quest for unending fun. A very sorry state of affairs!!!!!!!

It is even more saddening to find these cohorts of mine ‘fundraising’ for a 250ml of cheap booze just to have some slut ‘run-off’ on their throats. After all, isn’t sharing the slightest drop of liquor a code of comradeship?  

Of Campus and Drugs!!

Unholy weed for development

Besides the long threads of gulps of consumer unfriendly ethanol, my comrades have vowed not to stop at that. this time round in a more sophisticated scapegoat, ‘going natural’. Yeah, it is, if you ask me. Isn’t cannabis not natural? From their end of the bargain, they prefer to puff smoke from the loathsome and potentially lethal unholy weed, which is palpably the major reason for the recent riots at a university in the city. Kindly don’t blame my comrades, I would say. You now have a clear background why mischief  hardly see off our institutions of higher learning.

Well, my comrades should spare me the litany of their mixed reactions. Am  I not  the third eye of the society in dealing with these hooligans?


Khat use in Kenya

You must be very wrong and on the brink to think that only people from Meru exercise their jaws with these twigs. Well, I would argue that, only people with strong dental nomenclature willing to drain them to the wells will go the extra mile of chewing these natural twigs. A shabby gaze, with eyes almost popping out of their sockets and a black polythene bags describes my comrades- for the ‘quality’ shopping they purchase from as cheap as ksh. 50. It even irks me the more considering that these crop of elites are on the tip of the spear when it comes to littering the environment with their ‘shopping bags’. I already see some of them yearning for the long thread of chlorophyll down their throats.

Is this the best of lifestyles? Or even much more appealing, do our parents lead such lifestyles?

In the meantime, let me visit a joint where my comrades frequent.!!!!!!


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