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Campus Love: 10 Type Of Girlfriends And Bitches In Campus

This write-up focuses on the certain categories of girlfriends that will always spell trouble and almost never be the right prospects for a sane man 10 Categories Of...
Human Price Tag

Price Tag

Price tag – that’s all we’re portrayed to be. The perspective people have of others on the basis of what you have... Not necessarily...
u Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?

You Feel Compelled To Wear A Flag On Your Facebook Icon?

Wear your National flag. We are able to understand your struggle in a geographic context. Wear your "Workers of the World Unite !" flag....
The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Hangovers

The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Hangovers

A hangover is something that just about all of us have experienced at some point in time. After spending a night out drinking, you...
K.U bouncers

Why K.U Bouncers Should Think Twice!

A good fraction of my fellow comrades will attest of crude treatment by the so called bouncers- largely during school events for no good...
HELB Funds

How to Make Helb Funds To Work for You- KU Ladies

After a long wait for the disbursement of the Helb loans, finally Helb boss just behaved at the beginning of last week. It is...

How to Be More Patient (and Why It’s Worth It)

Delaying gratification is hard. You have probably seen the adorable videos of kids in Walter Mischel’s classic experiments, in which one marshmallow is placed in...

These KU Ladies Should Give Me A Break

A wise man will grace your eardrums with the adage ''absence makes the heart grow fonder'', which of course I agree. In the same...
Who is Cuter: K.U Political Memes

Who is Cuter? K.U Political Memes!

It's without doubt the funniest K.U political memes so far, trust me ~  very few students know how or even what Photoshop is. Kenyatta University...
Why Your Campus Relationship Is Doomed To Fail

Why Your Campus Relationship Is Doomed To Fail

After much concerted efforts to unveil the ramifications of campus dating, well, I must say that only people with short brain neurons as James...




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