How to Make Helb Funds To Work for You- KU Ladies

HELB Funds
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After a long wait for the disbursement of the Helb loans, finally Helb boss just behaved at the beginning of last week. It is until you hear girls talk of how they will go for shopping, that you truly believe that Helb boss behaved after he received a fair share of the comrades wrath.

Now that we are moneyed and riding on high horses for cheap funds equivalent to someone’s breakfast at the Panama hostel, what’s next?

Well, I have a whole list of making you a better lady anyway.

Invest in yourself

Yeah, you got me right! Invest in yourself! I say it once more. I have always abhorred how you have embraced kids’ fashion for your attires. The little but noisy skirts that expose enough acreage of flesh to attract debauchery; the miniature tops exposing spotted cleavages irk me the more. Enough of the scorn! One word: Change your closet! And that will be the best and greatest milestone in making you a respectable being. Let your attire articulate decorum and a sense of respect for oneself.

Am tempted to think that Helb boss just behaved to counter my pleas for sanity in your dressing codes. You got juicy luhya legs? Who cares! Dress up as you would like to be addressed.

Embrace entrepreneurship

I know you are this avid consumer of ethanol or Guarana to be precise. And you would do anything to have it run down your throat. You would rather forego your phone at the shylocks to quench your insatiable thirst for second generation liquor. Shift of gears! Listen, no more of that if you want to exercise some financial freedom- which you hardly know about. Be creative and resurface your mortified business skills. Start up a contraceptive venture. It would pick up very well. You know that? Damn head, it’s so palpable that your counterparts have specialized in dissipation. Or any other kind of income generating venture.

Build your empire and become a millionaire in your early 20s.

Change your hair style

The horsetails hanging on your heads as braids and some entangled pieces of hairs not far from a bird’s nest are not the best for a lady of substance. In fact, not the styles you plant on your heads that exasperate me, but the rancid smell emanating from the discordant hair masses.

For God’s sake, do something! This is the least your Helb funds can do to make you remain relevant among your peers


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